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    Read in Context

    Study in the context of real sentences, improving understanding and grammar.

  • The fun, simple study method designed to help you learn to read Japanese.

    Read the Kanji

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    See Your Progress

    Watch your stats increase as your kanji knowledge grows.

  • Smarter Quizzing

    Read the Kanji quizzes you intelligently - it knows what words you have yet to master, so you get the right amount of exposure to words that matches your unique learning curve.

  • Streamlined Drilling

    Test yourself across thousands of words in the shortest time possible. No page reloading, built-in javascript IME pad, drop-down romaji mapping and hotkeys – built for efficiency.

  • Study Anywhere

    Whether you're at home, work or on-the-go, you just need an internet connection to access Read the Kanji, which means you can study almost anywhere.

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    Over 7,000 Words & Sentences

    Read the Kanji’s database holds over 7,000 words and sentences, and counting! It’s only going to grow as we continue to add more.

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    Information at Your Fingertips

    Every word and kanji are interconnected to bring you an immersive experience that allows you dive in as deep as you want, throughout Read the Kanji.

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    Community Notes

    Learning when or how to use words isn't always easy. Browse notes shared by the community for extra information, connotations or etymologies.

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    Progress Overview

    Your overview collects all of your stats so you can easily visualize or share your progress across decks, words, and individual kanji.

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    Level Up!

    You can level up your knowledge, too. Gain experience points by correctly answering questions and take your kanji study to the next level.

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    Javascript IME Pad

    Your computer might not handle inputting Japanese, but Read the Kanji equips you with an IME pad that converts to hiragana as you type.

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